Memories of Style: Digitizing the Yorkshire Fashion Archive

ABSTRACT: Although many fashion archives find it challenging to accurately represent their collections in a digital format, the task the Yorkshire Fashion Archive faced when creating their first electronic catalogue was uniquely difficult, as their collection spans far more than garments. As an archive that aims to represent socio-cultural history through clothing, it also collects oral histories, personal photographs and ephemera related to the garments from the original owners. While putting this information together into one digital record presented challenges, this also provided opportunities preserve the remembered history of the fashionable history of the Yorkshire region, alongside the objects and ephemera in the collection, to create a textually rich electronic archive.

CITATION: Hall, S. (2017). Memories of Style: Digitizing the Yorkshire Fashion Archive. Art Libraries Journal. 42(3). 157-161. DOI: 10.1017/alj.2017.22