Library (n.) A place for books, late 14c., from Anglo-French librarie, Old French librairie”collection of books.” Old English had bochord, literally “book hoard.”

About Bochord
Bochord is a project that is part blog, part reference resource, focusing on the relationship between art and librarianship in the digital age.

This is fundamentally an exploration of art and the digital, how visual culture and information intersect, and how the library can respond to this relationship. Contending with everything from VR to post-internet art, the library and archive must find a way to reposition itself in this new landscape. Bochord is therefore primarily interested in how art can disrupt the role of the archive and transform the role of the library.

This project will form a curated, searchable collection of open access online resources (including web archives, bibliographies and teaching tools), book and exhibition reviews and personal musings, with a focus on the visual arts, performance and cultural studies.

Bochord is committed to the freedom of information.

About Me
Bochord is the project of Suzanna Hall, an academic librarian, writer and educator currently based in London.