22/ Offprint London at the Tate Modern


IMG_1700This weekend, Offprint London return to the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern, bringing
together 140 independent publishers. The stalls included works from students at University of the Arts and the Royal College of Art, alongside established vendors of artist books, including personal favourites The Village and Perimeter Books.

I attended on the Saturday of the fair’s weekend, to peruse the thousands of interesting, artistic and experimental publications on offer. I’m always on the hunt for books that express something about the nature of archiving, libraries, information or the digital world. Although the focus of the publications on offer this weekend tends towards the photographic medium – with quite a few publications about Daisuke Yokota, I noticed – many that I found still discovered a way to interrogate the notion of collecting, archiving and preserving. Dutch book store Onomatope made me particularly happy with their inclusion of the second edition of Post-Digital Print as well as their copies of (Un)Archiving the City. Speaking my language, through and through.

Although I have collected comparatively few artist books for my personal collection, I am inspired by a time where I may get the opportunity to collect more for a library or archive. As I will soon be moving to a new job this may become a reality sooner rather than later!


Offprint London will run until 21st May, 2017, in the Tate Modern, London.

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