15/ inIVA Digital Archive

inIVA (Institute of International Visual Arts) is an organisation in East London that supports the work of British visual artists, curators and researchers of African and Asian
descent, with the aim of opening up discourse around diversity and the politics of race, class and gender.The Institute is home to the Stuart Hall Library & Archives, a collection of around 10,000 books, along with periodicals and zines, focusing on contemporary art from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the work of British artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.

black_arts_magazines_2inIVA’s Digital Archive gives an online route into studying and researching these artists – many of whom are largely unknown – providing information that would not easily be accessible or discoverable elsewhere. The Archive provides details on over 400 artists, 100 curators, 200 writers and 46 collectives. Most records also provide subsequent links to publications, exhibitions, performances and images. In addition, alongside the listings of people, the Archive contains further information about projects and seasons.

Seperately from the online archive, but still of interest to researchers, are the Project Bibliographies created by the staff at inIVA. These compile lists of key texts and further readings on individual artists, themes or previous exhibitions. A personal favourite is the one on fashion and diaspora.

Website: http://www.iniva.org/library/digital_archive 

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