14/ Adventures in Publishing

Still playing catch up with blogging about events I have attended! Last November I
attended Riposte Magazine‘s Adventures in Publishing event.

img_0036Riposte had collected together some emerging, female voices in the magazine publishing industry, all by and large from small-press indie publications. The line-up included Liv Little of gal-dem, Lucy Nurnberg and Lydia Garnett of Accent, Liv Siddall of Rough Trade Magazine and Angharad Lewis of Grafik, who all shared stories from their very different experiences in creating and selling magazines.

Most of these magazines are available in print, carried in specialist bookstores. Grafik is the sole magazine featured in this line-up that is online only. Angharad Lewis didn’t dwell too long on the shifting mediums that digital culture has brought on the industry – but as Lewis is the author of a book primarily about print magazine publishing (on the Reading List) she must have had some feelings about that. Although digital medium can bring multiple opportunities, there is no denying the power of print.

All the speakers came to magazine-making from different angles and with different voices and motivations, but their passion for print came through. As we hurtle towards an uncertainly post-digital future, it is interesting to see the magazine , once decried as a dead medium, thriving.

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