10/ The LEMONADE Syllabus

For my last post of 2016, I just wanted to share some shots of a display I created in my library over the summer. Inspired by and entered around Candice Benbow’s LEMONADE Syllabus, this display was a tribute to Beyonce’s latest album, and black womanhood in general.

Taking the form of a mind map, the display explores the themes of the album, and inspirational writers, musicians, activists and other individuals in those areas. I also created an online reading list, with material from the syllabus and some other supplementary reading/viewing/listening materials. The display features the work of Warsan Shire, Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, bell hooks, Toni Morrison, Nikki Giovanni and more besides. I also created a Spotify playlist for the purpose, featuring the music of many black female artists I love.

It was a real joy to create, and was very well received. After I took it down it had a second life in the entrance hall of one of the university academic departments.It also inspired the English department to include LEMONADE on one of their upcoming modules – which is rather fine.

UPDATE: I’ve just seen that Candice Benbow, who created the Syallbus, has tweeted about the display! This is very exciting, and I’m so pleased that this found its way back to her!

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