09/ NYPL Stereogranimator

Animated GIFS are everywhere these days – I’ve certainly created and shared a few. They’re a gift to social media and online communication – funny and on point in the minimum amount of time and space.

8e6178e87bec0ab4e509ea5ad910963dac84927fBut what of static photographs? How can these be adapted for the online environment?
The folks at New York Public Library labs have created the Sterogranimator, which takes their collection of 19th-century stereographs, and allows you to convert them into animated GIFs!

Stereographs presented two very similar images side-by-side. You looked at them through a stereoscope and it gave you an almost of 3D view of the photograph.In the Sterogranimator, you can attempt to replicate this view by flickering between these two images, or by overlaying the image with blue and red in the same way as old 3D posters.

A wonderful toy, to be sure, with perhaps a wide application  – the tool allows you to upload your own images from your Flickr account, so there are many opportunities to create something interesting here!

Website: http://stereo.nypl.org/

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